5 Selling Tips For Introverts…And Everyone Else

If selling isn’t already hard enough, being introverted makes it even harder.

Here are 5 tips to help you be a better seller.

1. Stop selling – Yes, stop selling. Instead make it your goal to serve and help. When you talk with someone who doesn’t know you well and wants to learn more about your offering, your aim is get them to know, like and trust you.

Your goal should NOT be to sell them something. You can’t get a person to like and trust you by constantly talking about yourself and your business.

2. Make it about them -When we think “sell,” it’s common to think about what WE have to do and say to sell something. For introverts, the thought of performing just sucks. There’s no other way to put it. It’s overly stressful and exhausting and this doesn’t make for a good salesperson.

The thing is you don’t have to perform or even say much at all to sell well.

People don’t enjoy people who constantly talk about themselves, but people do enjoy when others take interest in them. When you reframe what selling is in your mind and realize it’s not about you, but about them, you will sell more and you’ll be more comfortable doing it.

3. Don’t pressure the first encounter – When you first email, meet or talk with someone, your goal, again, should not be to sell something. The relationship isn’t there yet. Would you or did you ask your spouse to marry you on the first date?

Instead, the first encounter is all about helping and building trust. That’s it. Don’t pressure it do more than it’s capable of. Be patient and look long-term.

4. Realize the strength of your personality type – This may be the most important tip I share. Introverts have an advantage over extroverts and that is introverts are comfortable not talking much and listening. This is KEY to selling well!

Immature extroverts blab and blab, make it all about them, and crave affirmation. That’s not how you build trust and rapport and ultimately sell.

Introverts, play to your strengths of putting the focus on others and listening and take comfort in doing so. You don’t have to talk a lot and be “aggressive” to sell well. That’s a myth.

5. Ask questions – Asking questions does a couple of things for you. First, it helps you gather more information to learn more about a person’s need. And, second, it communicates you’re interested and you care and that builds trust.

Question: Is selling stressful for you? How so? Share below!

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