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Lead from the Inside Out Coaching Series

Do you have staff members ready to move up in their career but lack specific experience and skills? Do you need people on your team to increase their leadership skills quickly? Are your leaders having challenges managing change in our changing world?

Dr. Jessica conducts Group Coaching sessions to help managers and C suite leaders become effective and impactful leaders in today’s world. As a result of participating in the sessions, leaders will be equipped to quickly move to the next level and excel in a diverse workplace.


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Leading others begins with leading yourself first. Dr. Jessica has studied theories from positive psychology, neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Based on this research, Dr. Jessica has created a program to help managers and c-suite leaders increase self-awareness, resilience and influence.

Dr. Jessica helps leaders step into their power as confident and influential leaders by…

  • providing assessments to help participants identify strengths, areas of growth and barriers
  • helping leaders create a leadership purpose
  • helping leaders implement mindfulness practices throughout the day
  • providing tools and resources to help leaders master active listening and communication skills
  • building their level of influence

What’s Included

The group sessions help leaders in their careers, business, health, and relationships. Our group coaching session are coaching calls. We discuss progress/lapses on goals, and we have weekly modules with videos or downloadable tools and resources.

Leaders who have attended our coaching sessions revealed: 

  • increased confidence and self-awareness
  • improved communication skills
  • improved coaching and feedback skills
  • improved ability to influence others
  • increased alignment with organizational goals
  • increased ability to focus and have less stress
  • improved quality of life
  • job promotions or lateral moves

Here is a summary of what is included in the 8-week coaching series

How long are the sessions?

We meet once a week for 8-weeks.

Who qualifies?

  • Non-profit or corporate Professional or teams who:
    • want to be promoted but are lacking certain skills
    • need to improve communication skills, team building, leadership and influencing skills
    • are emerging leader within an organization (corporate or non-profit) and they want to position themselves as a top talent
    • want to make a career change

What are the outcomes?

As a result of completing the “Lead from the Inside Out” coaching series, leaders will be able to…

  • discover what they naturally do best and learn how to use these talents to activate their natural potential
  • determine their strengths, areas of growth and barriers that may inhibit them from success
  • become more confident and influential in their abilities to be successful
  • learn how to connect better with people who are different
  • increase confidence and inner peace

Specific changes that may occur are…

  • job promotion/change or increased sales in business
  • career change
  • improved relationships and communication skills
  • increased executive presence
  • improved team building skills
  • increased awareness of strengths, developmental areas and hidden biases


The sessions are 1.5 hours and can be customized to your organizational needs. During the first hour we will discuss your specific goals and strategies to achieve your goals. During the second half of the session, we will discuss a different topic each week.

Pre-work: Needs Assessment

Before the group coaching begins, we meet with leadership to obtain information about organizational goals and the leaders strengths and gaps. As a result, we will be able to help participants set goals and we will link the coaching topic areas to the organizational goals and needs.

Session 1: Review Assessments

  • During the first session, participants meet with Dr. Jessica individually.
  • Participants will review the results of the assessments and personal profile
    • Emotional Intelligence Appraisal
    • Strengths Finder
    • Personal Leadership Statement Guidebook
    • 360 Assessment
    • Personal Profile

Session 2: Introduction and Goal Setting 

  • Discuss the goals and process of the group coaching session
  • Get clear about the goals that will change your life
  • Review participant stories, draft purpose statements and visions (created in review meeting)
  • Review goal setting techniques to help participants achieve 1-3 short term goals within 60 days
  • Discuss next steps

Session 3: Tune in and Turn on – Relaxation of the Mind

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Gain knowledge on 3 keys to implementing mindfulness and breathing strategies to help leaders live with more ease and deal with unexpected changes or obstacles
  • Learn strategies to increase self-confidence
  • Discuss next steps

Session 4: Managing Emotions at Work

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Review 3 techniques to help participants identify and accept themselves as they are now and release limiting thoughts
  • Understand one’s emotions and how to handle interpersonal relationships with empathy
  • Use emotional intelligence to build trust and grow influence
  • Learn how to activate your strengths and strengths of others
  • Discuss next steps

Session 5: Communicating with Clarity and Purpose – Active Listening

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Understand keys to listening and building trust
  • Discover active listening techniques that will help participants become a more impactful leader
  • Discuss next steps

Session 6: Communicating with Clarity and Purpose – Assertive Communication 

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Uncover strategies to help participants communicate their message assertively
  • Participants will learn their communication style and the communication style of others
  • Learn and activate strategies to improve coaching and feedback skills
  • Learn strategies to influence others
  • Discuss next steps

Session 7: Learn 3 keys to executive presence 

  • Review progress and lapses
  • Review strategies to build, maintain and leverage relationships
  • Review keys to improve leadership abilities in a changing world
  • Discuss next steps

Final Session: Review successes and areas of growth (metrics) and create a strategy for the next 90 days.

Additional information

Dr. Jessica’s productivity journal will be given to each participant after payment has been received. It will take 7 to 10 business days for participants to receive the journal.

How much does this cost?

Leading from the Inside Out Group Coaching series is specially priced at $1,500.00 per participant until August 3, 2020. Usually, there are 8 to 15 participants in each group.

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