4 Ways You Can Attract More Quality Customers

4 Ways You Can Attract More Quality Customers

Pretend for a second the internet didn’t exist. How would you market your business?

I imagine you just thought of ads, cold calls (including going door to door), direct mail, networking, building relationships with influencers, and conference/trade show marketing, or some mix of these.

Attract more customers online by leaving your platforms and going to where your customers are already.

Do you know what all of these tactics have in common? They’re all about going to your potential customer instead of just trying to attract them, and there’s a huge lesson here.

Today with content marketing, social media and SEO being all the rage, many entrepreneurs are caught up in doing things on their sites to get potential customers to come to them.

The truth, as you may have experienced, is attracting people isn’t easy! From an abundance of online competition to SEO challenges, it’s hard to cut through the clutter to attract attention from your target market.

So circling back to the “huge” lesson above, stop trying to attract potential customers by what you do on your sites and instead go to where they are already online. After all, isn’t that what you’d do if there was no internet?

Here are 4 ways you can go to your customer today.  

1. Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + Groups – There’s a group for pretty much everything nowadays on these sites. Depending on if you do business-to-consumer or business-to-business sales, choose wisely here.

2. Forums – Online forums are still very much alive and well. Go to Google and search for some forums. There’s a forum for everything it seems. I just searched for “baked bean forum” and got an amazing number of results. Baked beans. Incredible.

3. Pinterest – Yes this is for you, too, gentlemen. A key to success on Pinterest is joining group boards so you can pin to them. For instance, I started pinning on this entrepreneur group board recently, and guess what happened? Traffic to this blog from Pinterest increased, and since entrepreneurs are who I want to work with, this is quality traffic.

4. Blogs – Instead of just creating content, sharing it, and relying on SEO to get traffic, find blogs your target market follows already and guest post there. Many blogs have guest post instructions so follow them and submit.

Other blogs may not have guest post instructions, so focus on building a relationship with the blog owner and then ask to guest post. A key here is ensuring your post will include a link back to your site.

Ideally, they’ll allow you to include a call to action, such as “Learn more about the art of making baked beans that will make your grandma jealous by subscribing to Rick’s blog. Click here to subscribe.”

As always, a key to success in any of these places is building relationships and providing value, which includes sharing good content.

A key result will be exactly what you’re after – attracting quality traffic back to your online presence, be it your website, blog or other social media presence.

Question: How do you use any of these methods to get traffic?

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