4 Keys To Building Customer Loyalty And Making More Money

4 keys to building customer loyalty and making more money

Two weekends ago, I tried a new restaurant.

Now, this may typical for you, but for me it was kind of a big deal.

For the past 3 1/2 years of living in the Atlanta area, I’ve been a regular at two different Italian places.

But this time, I wanted to try something new. So I got online (Yelp specifically) and found the French restaurant.

I checked out the reviews and menu, which looked great and was priced reasonably, and ultimately was sold on trying it.

I had a terrific experience! The service, food and atmosphere were all sooooo very good. I remember thinking that “I just found a new favorite.”

I’m going back in a couple of weeks with a friend. This place is now in the “Keep” business.

Your money maker.

As I explained in earlier, a successful business is all about building relationships, and relationships have stages.

Get, Serve and Keep account for those stages, which range from someone not knowing you at all to loving you to coming back for more and telling others about you.

Before someone is your customer, they’re in what I call your Get business. As they’re buying and experiencing your business, they’re in your Serve business. And once they’ve bought, they’re in your Keep business.

Since people’s mindset and feelings toward you are so different in each business, your marketing must be different, too, and tailored to meet people where they are mentally and emotionally toward you.

Your Keep business is your money maker. It’s where repeat business is created. At this point, you’re long past trying to woo and build trust to get people to buy.

You’ve already served them well enough to deepen the relationship. Now it’s time to stoke the relationship like a campfire and keep it warm and alive. Otherwise, you’ll leave loads of money on the table.

How To Stoke The Relationship

Now that I’m in their Keep business, their aim is to build a long-term relationship with me to keep me coming back AND referring people to them.

This is also what your Keep business should do.

The 4 key questions you need to answer and be intentional about are:

  1. How do I foster lifetime relationships with customers?

This business will do this with me if they keep providing an excellent experience when I visit, as well as communicating information I want between visits.

This is why you need at least a basic database to track customers and a systematic way to get customer information. At minimum, get a name and email address.

Like all relationships, if you don’t nurture them, they will grow stale and fizzle out.

This business could do better here. They don’t have an opt-in on their website and when we visited, they never asked for my contact information.

They may have something in place, but they never used it while we were there.

This is an easy fix they should make.