3 Reasons Why You Should Fire Bad Customers

3 Reasons Why You Should Fire Bad Customers

Every entrepreneur has customers who are better than others.

In a perfect world, we’d all only work with ideal customers wouldn’t we?

Recently, my client took a major step in that direction when she fired one of her piano students.

It was a hard decision, but one she doesn’t regret in the least bit.

Here are 3 reasons why she doesn’t and you shouldn’t either.

1. Relief – She now looks forward to working with all of her students because she’s less stressed. As a result, she better serves her students, especially the ones she used to teach on the same day as her non-ideal student.

2. More positive – Since firing the student, she’s had a more positive view of teaching and thus, of her business. Before, she had days she didn’t feel like teaching, and now she doesn’t. She’s running a much healthier business.

3. Less frustration – My wife is an excellent piano teacher. Despite that, she couldn’t achieve success with this one student no matter what she tried, and that was quite frustrating for her.

When you think about your customers, does any of this sound familiar?

“[Having a bad customer] takes more of your thought and time than it should,” MaryBeth said. “You spend so much of your time on problems rather than all of the good things in your business.”

Do you see how bad customers drag you and your business down and keep you from running a healthier, more profitable business?

If so, figure out how to cut your bad customers loose. It’s easy to not do anything, put up with them and take their money.

But how is doing that impacting your ability to better serve your best customers, find more of them, and make running your business more fun?

It’s time to figure out how to cut them loose.

Question: How could firing bad customers impact your business for the better?